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Further proof that I am the best mother EVER!!!

Took Shorty to her Dr’s appt yesterday. Normally, she’s an extremely outgoing little urchin who exudes confidence. She has a special little security lovey, a little rag-like yellow 6-inch cloth doll who, most days, stays in the crib. It should be noted that all of our daughter’s toys are named, thusfar, by us and she just appropriates the name.

The lovey is named “Doll Doll.” Yes, I am that creative. This is “Doll Doll,” as opposed to “Baby Doll” (her little girl doll with a cloth body and plastic head and appendages), “Paul” doll, the anatomically correct doll that came with his own potty and a shirt that said “Paul” on it (again, creative), “Monster Doll” (the ugly doll given on her two-year birthday) and “Other Doll,” the new boy doll that was also a birthday present.

So, we’re at the two year check-up yesterday. My normally strident and outspoken toddler is suddenly very intimidated – practically hiding behind my knees as we’re waiting to go into the exam room. Once in the room, I need to strip her down. As I laid her out on the exam table to whisk off her diapers, I saw actual fear in her eyes. I don’t know if it was the height of the table, the new surroundings or just that she smelled the fear of other children in the place (I swear, it’s a really great practice!!!), but she was definitely off her game.

For the first time that I can recall in my child’s life*** she was genuinely afraid. It was only then, when I saw her little eyes widen with fear, that it occurred to me that it might have been, oh, I don’t know…. GOOD PARENTING if I’d thought to bring Doll Doll for added security.

Shorty survived the ordeal, even started hamming it up for the doctor and was quickly back to her normal self after some reassurance. She even took her flu shot remarkably well. A quick wince and cry, then off to rearrange the books and toys in the room. All the same, I feel we narrowly avoided disaster and I would have been better prepared if we had Doll Doll with us.

Note to self: when bringing #2 for his 2 year check-up, pack lovey.

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