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These announcements are quite cute… even the photo ones. I’m sure the pricing is beyond my means, but it still merits a gander.




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It’s truly difficult to unearth birth announcements that don’t suck.

I’m not a fan of photo announcements. Yes, babies are cute, mine being the cutest ever, of course, but… let’s face it… even I can’t easily discern between 2-month-old pictures of my children. It’s not like they’re beaming with individuality at that point, at least not so much in their every feature. In my mind, if you’ve seen ten baby photo announcements, you’ve basically seen them all… baby included.

I prefer to get print images on the card itself, and  then include a few photos in the envelope. With my daughter, I had a specific idea of a silhouette in mind and worked with a designer I found on etsy.com, called Papered Together. I LOVED the card for my daughter!

This time around, it’s been more tricky… I’ve wanted an elephant for my son’s announcement, and have discovered that the real world of baby announcements is… woefully tacky. Just do a quick search for baby announcements and you’ll quickly find yourself under an avalanche of questionable taste like this:


As a kicker, I finally found an announcement that I LOVE for my son at Tiny Prints and it turns out it’s no longer available. The gall!!! Here was that gorgeousness:


So, with that in mind, I’m going to add a category to this blog for links to businesses that offer announcements that don’t suck. I’m also going to do baptism / christening invites that don’t suck.

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Newborns have a reflex called the “moro reflex.” This causes them to startle. Often times, because they lack mastery of their arms, they end up smacking themselves in the face. The moro reflex kicks in a lot when the baby is just drifting off to sleep. That’s one of the reasons people swaddle. There are many ways to swaddle a baby – via a regular blanket, using a swaddle version of the Halo Sleep Sack, the Miracle Blanket, or, my new favorite, the Cozy Cocoon.

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A Fantastic New Way To Swaddle

The Cozy Cocoon: A Fantastic New Way To Swaddle

We got two “cozy cocoons” as a gift when our son was born. I initially thought they might not work well, since it seemed the baby could get out of it as soon as you put them in, but I gave it a try anyway.

I am so glad I did!!!

The cozy cocoon is AMAZING. It’s essentially a baby sock. What’s wonderful about it is that the fabric is slightly stretchy, which allows the baby to actually MOVE around a bit – stretch their arms and legs – when they’re in it. This is so much more womb-like than a normal swaddle via a blanket, which is very restricting.

The second thing that’s great about the cocoon, besides the baby being able to stretch a bit, is that they can get their hands out of the top, around the neck. Therefore, the baby can access his or her hand pretty easily and self-soothe. They’re so used to thumb-sucking or hand-chewing while in the womb, yet, once they encounter the real world and their movements are so challenged, it’s hard for them to master their arms and hands. The cocoon allows for the baby to be able to continue to self-soothe. Also, since they’re using their hands throughout the night or naptime, they’re also getting more practice time to help prepare for when they won’t be swaddled.

This is hands-down my new go-to baby gift.

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