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My daughter recently graduated from Onesyville.

That means, she’s now potty-trained to the degree that we only use diapers at nap and bedtime. She needs the autonomy to be able to pull her pants or skirt and underwear down and plop herself on the potty when she needs to and onesies can hinder that.

Although I’m thrilled that she’s using the potty like a champ, I’m was a little bummed she’d no longer get to use a couple of onesies that her Nana had just gotten her – they were especially sweet for summer. I’ve been in denial about the fact that we can’t use them, and therefore haven’t cleared them from her dresser.

This morning, my daughter insisted she wear one of these onesies, the salamander one with the little collar. Suddenly, I got an inspired thought – why not just cut the snap-bottoms off and make it a shirt?

So, voila! One less onesie, one more shirt!


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You can leave the house for months of three-hour-stints and never need to use a diaper, provided your diaper bag is stocked with enough provisions to supply a small daycare for a week.

The one time you leave the house for a 20 minute dash to the grocery store, forgetting your diaper bag, your baby is guaranteed to have a blow-out of epic proportions in the middle of aisle 3.

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If you spend more than $7 on a cheap, plastic toy for a small child, they are guaranteed to be more fascinated by the packaging the toy came in than the actual toy itself. If you spend less than $7 on a cheap, plastic for a child, the more likely they are to play with it, rather than the packaging, but it’s also more likely they’ll break it and choke on it.

Exception: If the toy cost more than $7, but has something that crinkles in it, or some quality that would generally attract a kitten to it, the child might prefer it over the packaging it came in.

Exception to the Exception: If the toy came in a box that has a top, the child won’t even notice the actual toy.

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